Who we are

ICCAB srl a Socio Unico, a Florentine company based in Signa, Florence, has been on the market since 1972 with high-profile brands in the casual and sportswear sector.
With its brands, widely recognized and appreciated by a medium-high audience, the company is, and has been, present in the major Italian and international events, reporting significant successes.
Thanks to its entrepreneurial skills and production qualities, the Iccab company has signed an important and prestigious license agreement with the Stato Maggiore of the Marina Militare Italiana for the commercial exploitation of the Italian Navy coats of arms and emblems in the clothing sector. This exclusive agreement occurs for the first time in Italy.
Proud to have received such trust, the company produces and distributes the clothing line for men and women with the Marina Militare brand, the flagship of an entrepreneurial philosophy built over the years and consolidated with growing success.


All friezes, badges and signs that characterize the Marina Militare Collections are original, Marina Militare is therefore an absolute guarantee of exclusivity and authenticity. Beware of imitations.


Marina Militare Sportswear: an authentic experience
Collections with the MARINA MILITARE Sportswear brand for Men, Women and Children are inspired by the world of the Marina Militare, the essence of this reality, which is made of passion, spirit of self-sacrifice, history, and prestige, and tells strong emotions handed down from a tradition of great modernity.
Stylistic research and styling draw on the values that are part of the history of the Marina Militare, which is their custodian. They are concrete values, widespread and strongly sedimented in the public imagination, they are a way of feeling, living, dreaming, accepting challenges, and overcoming limits. A modern interpretation that places man at the centre, a whole, true, human man.
The emblem, which collects the heraldic coats of arms of the four maritime republics, Venice, Genoa, Pisa and Amalfi, is, together with the tricolour, a witness of Italian history, of its men, of our roots, and bearer of peace.

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